Medical Pad Printing

At Pad Printing Technology, we print millions of parts for the Medical industry annually. Our experience includes printing on minimally invasive devices, catheters, probes and valves, syringes, carbon fiber, surgical devices and many other components. In most cases it is required that the parts should be free from any environmental contamination.

Our ISO CLASS “8” Clean Room is designed to give your medical parts a contamination-free environment. It is tested in accordance with NEBB standards for certified clean rooms to meet ISO 14644-1:2015 cleanliness requirements. The air entering the room from outside is filtered to exclude dust and is constantly re-circulated through HEPA filters to remove internally generated contaminants and is monitored round the clock. No corrugated boxes or materials are allowed inside the room. Personnel inside the room are required to wear Tyvex coats, hairnets, gloves and boots and traffic is limited to necessary operators, supervisors and quality personnel.

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All of these measures are put in place to create a clean medical environment. We have detailed standard operating procedures to maintain the room’s cleanliness, to create work area separation and to perform line clearance to ensure the separation and integrity of each pad printing project.

Pad Printing Technology works closely with each customer to develop a specific SQP (supplier quality plan) that outlines the step-by-step procedures for receiving, setting up the medical pad printing, laser marking, laser etching, hot stamping or screen printing process, in-process inspection, and final inspection for each medical device printing project.

We offer services for molders and manufacturers and medical companies in the form of marking calibrated instruments, all types of sensors and surgical tools as well as idenification for your products.

Pad Printing Technology Assembly and Fulfillment offers a “single source” for the medical device industry.