Laser Marking Services

Pad Printing Technology offers exceptional laser marking services to customers in different industries. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with outstanding laser marking results. We have a Series 800 ND YAG laser marking machine, which is entirely automated. Therefore, it produces consistent and quality outcomes.

Our in-house capabilities and laser marking system is what makes our services unique. Plus, it’s affordable and an excellent process compared to other techniques. It gives your products the ability to stand out among others. It’s an ink-free method, which means it’s more permanent, making it a better option than other marking techniques.

What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking or etching is a laser marking procedure that uses a laser beam. The beam is a concentrated light, which creates a permanent mark on the surface. Most laser marking processes are automated, such as the machine we use in Pad Printing Technology. It makes marks at high speeds, which results in quick turnaround times.

With industrial regulations requiring precise identifications on various pieces of equipment, laser marking has become a no-brainer. Before, screen printing and engraving became the primary marking method. But these can be costly or can cause defects in the equipment.

Fortunately, these are fine since laser marking technology is a better option for keeping images, numbers, letters, etc., on industrial equipment and other day-to-day items.

Benefits of Laser Marking

Laser marking has a lot of potential, especially in today’s world. It’s used as a marketing technique to identify a piece of equipment or for aesthetic purposes. However, it also boasts many other benefits that will make you consider it instead of other marking processes.

  • Time-saving: Laser marking technology is well-known for being a fast method that results in high production speed. This saves you time with a quicker implementation.
  • Eco-friendly: Another advantage of laser marking is that it’s environmentally friendly. It doesn’t use any chemicals or inks, which can harm the environment due to the fumes they release. It also doesn’t use different materials and is energy-efficient.
  • Can be used on most materials: Laser marking is compatible with most materials, not just metal. We can use it to mark wood, paper, organic materials, plastics, ceramics, and glass.
  • High repeatability: Another reason to choose laser marking is its consistency. So even with large production runs, it’s second to none.

Custom Laser Marking from Pad Printing Technology

We understand how industries have different needs and specifications regarding their laser marking, so we offer a fully-customized option. You can let us know what design you want for your products, and we can deliver an excellent laser-marked outcome.

We can also use lasers on different materials. So rest assured that we can take care of your custom orders. At the same time, you can experience quality results that last.

Choose Pad Printing Technology for Your Laser Marking Needs

If you need laser marking for your next project, contact us today. We’re experts not just in laser marking but in pad printing as well. 

You can choose from our variety of services and expect exceptional outcomes all the time. You may also request a quote; we’ll help you find the best solution.