Commercial / Industrial Printing

From the entrepreneur working out of a suite; to the multi-million dollar plastic injection molder; we work with product producers all over the country. At Pad Printing Technology, we have the expertise and equipment to work on projects of any size, from small prototypes to large volume runs.

In any business, having the proper equipment enables a company to complete a job to specification for the right price. We have a wide variety of pad printers and laser markers with diverse tooling and pad printing /laser marking capabilities, and are readily able to meet the needs of our customers and the requirements of their products.

For single of multiple color pad printing we use “closed cup” printers. These types of printers are capable of producing consistent images at fast rates and hold close tolerances.

Pad printing jobs which require multiple images on the same part can be printed with closed cup pad print machines. The design of the machines allows our operators to change from image to image with little down time, and less down time equals savings to our customers.

Pad printing closed cup machines are newer technology where the ink is sealed in a cup. Since the ink in these pad printers are sealed, it remains at the proper viscosity for a longer period of time. The operator spends less time maintaining the link, which results in a higher output. Again, higher output equals more savings to our customers.

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