Q: What is your artwork requirement?

A: Because each job is custom, please call us before you design the artwork. You can then send you files electronically to us. We prefer a PDF file for proofing in a VECTOR format. Please be sure to include any fonts that you have used or convert them to paths or outlines. It is also important to provide you artwork at 100% of scale and as black and white. If you artwork is to print in color, please specify the color separately. TIFF, JPEG and BMP files are NOT acceptable forms for pad printing.

Q: When designing a new product, why should I consult the printer first?

A: The printer can guide you in the selection of material and the surface texture to be sure it meets your printing demands. The printer, armed with your requirement, can best help you on your decorating choices.

Q: Can you pad print on all textured surfaces?

A: Many textures are simply too deep or have too fine of a grain to be covered. It is best to choose the texture and determine printability before building the mold.

Q: Can you pad print on glass?

A: Yes, we can pad print up to six colors on glass

Q: Is your Q and A department set up to provide a certificate of compliance on all printing processes?

A: Yes, Pad Printing Technology has an established standard of procedure for each and every job. A certificate of compliance is issued for all printing jobs.

Q: Do you provide assembly and packaging?

A: Yes, we provide packaging and assembly along with drop shipping. This relieves the customer of handling the printed part and therefore reduces damage.

Q: Do you pad print on polyethylene and polypropylene as well as other copolymers requiring pretreatment?

A: Yes, we use flaming and pre-cleaning with coupling agents to pad print on these polymers.

Q: Does Pad Printing Technology print on medical parts?

A: Yes, medical pad printing and medical laser marking are one of our strongest specialties.

Q: What surfaces and shapes can you print on?

A: We can pad print and/or laser mark on just about any surface and irregular shapes.