3D-Printing and Prototyping

3D-Printing and Prototyping

We use modern FDM 3D-printing. We use 3D-printing to prototype designed parts and make small functioning and production parts. The advantages of 3D- printing are great and among them are speeding up the process of the design wheel.

Sending a part away to be CNC or molded can take more weeks and cost more money than needed. There are mold design costs and material costs and labor on top of that. If a part is made incorrectly or adjustments need to be made; it costs even more time and money (another mold designed, more material used). With 3D-printing; there’s less time being used on production and prototyping on the part. Parts are often done the next morning! Making adjustments is faster because we identify the issue or component that needs to be adjusted much sooner; there’s no delay in returning to CAD to make the adjustments. 3D-printing reduces time and money spent on part design; this puts you in ahead of your competition.


    • Engineering
    • Mechanical design
    • Mechanical drawings
    • 3D and CAD modeling
    • 3D-printing
    • Prototyping

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Mechanical Design and Engineering

We utilize CAD programs such as Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor to aid in design and testing of mechanical parts. We design parts and assemblies from scratch or from concept mechanical drawings.to bring customers’ ideas to life. We provide all kinds of files such as STL and STEP.

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