At Pad Printing our Series 800 ND YAG Laser offers a completely automated laser marking system that can mark up to 240 parts per minute to perfection. Laser marking and Laser etching are affordable alternatives to pad printing. With Laser marking and Laser etching from Pad Printing we can guarantee a fast and accurate marking system for that will identify your product and make your company stand out among your competitors. Unique lettering and design can be marked or etched on a number of different materials and surfaces.

Whether you are looking to mark promotional items, medical or industrial products we can help fulfill your Laser Marking or Laser Etching needs with a high quality end product.


The advantages of Laser Marking include:

  • Indelible Marks
  • No surface contact
  • Sharper image
  • No Pre-Post treatment 
  • Precise placement
  • Quick change via software
  • 2D symbology

Using ink designed specifically to adhere to frosted or clear glass, we are capable of pad printing or laser etching parts such as perfume bottles and signs.  The key factor to judging a glass-etching/printing provider is options.  The well-equipped experts at Pad Printing Technology offer a greater range of possibilities for decorating flat or contoured glass objects, along with a long track record for adhesion durability and cost effectiveness for the finished product.

Hot Stamping

Our hot stamping services can be a cost-effective way to decorate parts.  Plastic, leather, textiles, wood and paper can all be decorated using hot stamping.  Hot stamping is also the process used to decorate raised lettering, know as tipping, or to emboss the image to the part.

Molders and Manufacturers

From the entrepreneur working out of a suite; to the multi-million dollar plastic injection molder; we work with product producers all over the country.  At Pad Printing Technology, we have the expertise and equipment to work on projects of any size, from small prototypes to large volume runs.

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In any business, having the proper equipment enables a company to complete a job to specification for the right price.  We have a wide variety of pad printers and laser markers with diverse tooling and pad printing /laser marking capabilities, and are readily able to meet the needs of our customers and the requirements of their products.