At Pad Printing Technology, the Aerospace and Automotive industries are an important segment of our customer base.  Our quality system is designed to ensure that each project is properly managed from providing a quotation, to the time your parts arrive at our dock, and until they are shipped from our facility.

Pad Printing Technology has over 35 years of experience in the laser marking industry. This experience allows us to provide superior services to each client. 

Services That We Provide Include:

  • Etching
  • Marking Plastics
  • Switches and Buttons
  • Backlit Items
  • Coding
  • Labels for Identification
  • Sequencing of Numbers
  • Regulatory Marking
  • Panel and Controls Marking
  • Brand Names and Logos
  • Plates - Metal and Plastic

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By achieving and maintaining our certification to ISO:9001:2008 we show our Automotive printing customers that we are in total control of every aspect of the product decorating process. 

Identify Your Automotive and Transportation Parts

When you use Laser etching and/or Pad Printing to "decorate" your parts, they become easy to identify..

Here at Pad Printing Technology we can decorate all types of automotive parts from buttons and panels to tools and working gauges.

Types of materials we can Laser etch and Pad Print include: 

All types of metals - both painted and anodized; stainless steel, fiberglass and plastics, wood and glass.



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Design esthetics drive consumer demand in electrical appliances and electronic products, which is why Pad Printing Technology is expanding the options offered to manufacturers.  Logos and attention getting graphics are applied by pad printing on items of virtually any contour, in addition to screen-printing, hot/foil stamping and laser marking.  Depending on the project requirements, we can single hit pad print one color image or we can double hit pad print the images to increase the ink opacity and abrasion resistance.  For additional ink durability, we can pad print a UV clear coat over a pad printed image.

See the pictures on this page as an example of the types of items we can mark for identification.

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Check out our Art Department and Assembly and Fulfillment for additional services that give us turnkey capabilities and a single source for our customers.